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Our fully licensed, insured, and accredited bin cleaning service will see your commercial and domestic wheelie bins washed, disinfected, deodorised, and returned all without leaving your premises. Our state-of-the-art machines store all used and dirty water on board ensuring we leave no mess behind. We are approved by Anglian Water to discharge wastewater into our own dedicated foul drain at the end of each day.

Inter County Waste Management provide a professional bin cleaning service throughout Northamptonshire and the surrounding counties. We are passionate about both cleaning and the environment, and endeavour to offer the best possible service for all our customers with a tailor-made service to suit your needs.

Whether you need your bins cleaned twice monthly or only cleaned throughout the hot summer months, we will put together a schedule just for you.

Our machines are equipped to lift a variety of waste containers, including; 120-litre wheelie bins, 240-litre wheelie bins, 360-litre wheelie bins, 660-litre wheelie bins, 720-litre bins, 1100-litre euro bins, and paladin bins.

After cleaning, your bin is disinfected killing 99% of bacteria and then mopped and deodorised, leaving your bin smelling fresh and shiny clean!

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One-Off Bin Cleans in Northamptonshire
1 Wheelie Bin £10.00 inc. VAT£10.00*
1 Wheelie & Food Caddy£12.00 inc. VAT£12.00*
2 Wheelie Bins£18.00 inc. VAT£18.00*
2 Wheelie & Food Caddy£20.00 inc. VAT£20.00*
3 Wheelie Bins£24.00 inc. VAT£24.00*
3 Wheelie & Food Caddy£26.00 inc. VAT£26.00*
4 Wheelie Bins£28.00 inc. VAT£28.00*
4 Wheelie & Food Caddy£30.00 inc. VAT£30.00*
1 Bin - 12 Cleans£60.00 inc. VAT£60.00*
2 Bins - 12 Cleans£102.00 inc. VAT£102.00*
3 Bins - 12 Cleans£126.00 inc. VAT£126.00*

Have more than 4 bins or Euro Bins? 01933 315872
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